LAUNCH MESSAGE Life Sports Club We want you in, your family, and your loved ones. We want you to grow with us, enjoy the fullness of the sports experience, and the development of mind, body, and heart. PURPOSE Life Sports Club To transform every family, athlete and coach by growing champions in life. Life Sports Club Our programs accommodate each age group, placing them in the right Sports program and activities to suit their age. They carry athletes through a complete life cycle. PROGRAM Life Sports Club At Life we consider inclusion in sports a must, because no child should miss out. We strive to accommodate all physical capabilities in all our recreational and competitive programs. SPORTS Life Sports Club We believe in the power of parents and the family bond. All parents are invited to learn more about our coaching methodology and vision, in order to align efforts and values when it comes to raising our champions. COMMUNITY Life Sports Club Our state-of-the-art facilities are built on a spacious 25 acres of land in the heart of New Cairo. Cutting-edge, fully equipped buildings and courts provide the perfect home to grow and strengthen champions. FACILITY


A game changer is coming to the sports and social club landscape in New Cairo.
Welcome to the Life Sports Club community, shaping and growing champions for life.

Life is not just a sports club, it’s a community that aspires to raise champions. Life Sports Club combines and weaves together all the most important elements of wellbeing into one expansive and convenient place.

We welcome you to join forces with our community of families, athletes, and coaches in achieving our common goal: feeding minds, bodies, and hearts to grow champions for life.

Our Location

  • Located in an ideal gathering spot, Life Sports Club is a short 5-minute drive from major landmarks in New Cairo.
  • It is a 5-minute drive from AUC, a 3-minute drive from GUC.
  • A 5-minute drive from Waterway, and a 5-minute drive from Katameya Heights.

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Events Enjoy the LIFE CLUB experience at our 2021 summer camps calendar. Explore the calendar below for available spots.

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